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Just imagine…you are able to do Tarot readings without memorization, without cue or tick sheets, without anything other than a deck of Tarot cards and a spectator. If you only can find part of a deck of Tarot cards, hey, that will work too. 
Give an honest to goodness psychological Tarot reading without claiming psychic powers, or anything else. 
Of course, if you already have intuitive abilities, this will work fine with those talents too. A person shuffles a Tarot deck and freely chooses some cards. 
They tell a story based on the images. These cards are completely chosen, known or unknown, by the participant. 
Then you tell the person what the cards indicate, how the images directly relate to their life, personality, main issues and concerns. 

NO Memory Required 
NO Knowledge of Tarot Required 
NO Sleight of Hand 
NO Forces 
NO Guessing 
NO Cold Reading
 NO Learning Standard Lines 

The truth is, the spectator does all the work and they don’t know it. 
This system is based on psychological principles that have been used for many decades. 

Kenton and Pablo have made the original old systems new, making for secure, sound, logical, rational, yet mysterious and insightful readings anyone can do. 

In just 25 pages you will learn it all. You will be able to begin to do this material right away. This is an interactive Tarot reading. The principles have been used by psychologists and psychiatrists to instantly gain rapport and unconscious information about clients. 

Kenton and Pablo have made this approach easier than anyone thought possible. You do NOT need to be a scholar, psychologist, or genius to use this simple system. 
Yes, it IS simple. It IS easy. It IS reliable. It IS psychologically sound. 

No, there is nothing to memorize. You don’t have to work hard at it. You don’t have to have people write anything down. All you need is this information and some Tarot cards. There is no other preparation. 

You will also learn how to apparently know things about your friends too without anything at all…not even Tarot. We know this might all sound too good to be true, but it is all we say and much more. The best parts we can’t tell you about…but you’ll see why we love this system once you get it, and we know you will too. This is an amazing breakthrough and gift for anyone who wants to do readings, either mystical or psychological, for serious readings or as entertainment only.

This is a terrific technique and, for the price, anyone who reads Tarot, or wants to, should get this. 

 Just read it for the second time today. Simply brilliant!!
 Peter Korbus

A very cool method for Tarot readings! Do yourself a favor and get this!” 
Ben Salinas 

What I’ve tried to convey in written word about my Bardic technique for Tarot (but struggled), Kenton Knepper & Pablo AmirĂ¡ have nailed it with ‘Tarot without Memory’. Kudos to them both on this wonderful release. Highly recommended for any student/reader of the Tarot.
Peter Arcane 

I got it last night. It’s awesome!
 Adrian Fernandez

This is the best Tarot reading guide I’ve encountered, bar none. The method is as simple and as effective as promised, but even more importantly, the readings are profoundly meaningful. The vital inclusion of detailed sample readings makes the entire system crystal clear. As a surprise bonus, Kenton shares for the first time a subtle tip he has kept secret for decades — a technique that brings an extra ‘wow’ factor to the reading. Additionally, Kenton reveals a crucial secret of the ages that promises to make any reading seem wizardly/miraculous. Both of these bonuses are optional, but who doesn’t want more wizardly wows?! Even more intriguingly (if I’m even allowed to mention this), the final bit of instruction illuminates how to apply this system outside of Tarot readings, in one’s daily life, to strengthen client relationships and to deepen friendships. There is a LOT more in this system than the description promises
Eric Clay Ong

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